Neo Natal Intensive Care Nursing

Duration: 3 months
Cost: R15000

Brief description of content (e.g. topics)

  1. Introduction to Neonatal Nursing (What is the NICU how is it different from an Adult ICU Paediatric ICU, Maternity Ward)
  2. Nursing of the neonate in the NICU within the following physiological areas
  3. Neurological system of the neonate
  4. Sensory System of the Neonate
  5. Respiratory system of the Neonate
  6. Cardiological system of the Neonate
  7. Gastro-intestinal system of the Neonate
  8. Genito-urinary system of the Neonate
  9. Musculo-sceletal system of the Neonate
  10. Endocrine system of the Neonate
  11. Family-centred approach & preparing for transition home
  12. Medication of the Neonate-applied pharmacology
  13. Developmental supportive care of the Neonate
  14. Multi-disciplinary team in the NICU