Frail & Palliative Care Assistants provide essential support and care to elderly and vulnerable patients while maintaining their comfort, dignity, and quality of life throughout. This qualification allows the learner to work as a carer of the elderly and will focus on both practical and informational aspects of care.

What will you learn?

A qualified learner will be able to provide both physical and emotional care to elderly patients who require assistance in their daily lives. Learners will be able to identify and manage emergency situations with their patients, prepare a comprehensive patient care plan, assist in the day-to-day routines and needs of patients, as well as learn universal protocols for dealing with death.

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Carers play enormous roles in the lives of their patients, and can often be the difference between a miserable existence and a joyful one for patients. Apply to be a Frail & Palliative Care Assistant today by clicking the button below. You can make a difference!