As a dedicated team of medical professionals, we offer on-site medical screenings for various industries with Medical Certificates of Fitness (COF) completed by an Occupational Health Nursing Practitioner (OHNP) or Occupational Medical Practitioner (OMP).

During and after the medical examination, health education will be provided. Employees will be referred to appropriate medical practitioners if any abnormalities are identified.

We perform Baseline, Entry, Periodic & Exit screening medicals

Where employees are exposed to respiratory hazards like dust, fumes and chemicals, lung function testing is performed to identify potential problems.

According to specific job requirements the following functions are tested. Far, intermediate and near vision, night vision and glare recovery, peripheral fields of vision, three dimensional and colour vision.

Where chest x-rays or radiology screening are required we arrange these with a suitable service provider.

In order to do a thorough assessment, we complete a full medical, surgical, social and occupational history to identify any past or existing problems.

A normal urine dipstick test can identify infections, kidney and liver damage as well as a host of other problems. We can also successfully test for 5 different drug types.

According to the Occupational Health and Safety Act all employees exposed to noise greater than 85dB need to have regular screening tests done to identify Noise Induced Hearing Loss.

The following vital signs can be done, blood pressure, blood sugar, height, weight, and BMI.

A full physical examination is done together with the history in order to identify any existing or potential problems.


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